North American Meeting Destinations Survey

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This is the 11th Survey among veteran meeting planners and consultants evaluating 40 North American Meeting and Convention Destinations.

Invitations for the 2018 survey are out. If you haven’t received your personal invitation to take the survey and receive the special 2018 Destination Report* email by December 31, 2017 requesting survey access credentials.

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The Watkins study is considered the most prominent, comprehensive and authoritative product of its kind in the convention and meetings industry.


*If you’d like to see the prior SOF Destination Report, here it is:
Download the 2016 Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Summary of Findings

About Us

The Watkins Research Group specializes in business-to-business research in industries where the issues are more complex, and/or the audiences more sophisticated.

The information in Watkins Reports is invaluable to organizations serious about getting, and retaining, more of the business they most value.

We employ unique methodologies developed over 22 years in the gathering, organizing and presenting sensitive survey results.

Because buyers make decisions based on the strengths/weaknesses of one organization relative to another, our focus is on accurately identifying how every key competitor in an industry is perceived relative to every other competitor in that industry. More substance means more robust business development strategies.


No survey appreciates your valuable time more.
1. With this single effort you communicate with multiple DMOs/CVBs.
2. Sophisticated programming limits the rating questions you are asked to only those issues you, personally, use in your decision making and only for  destinations with which you are familiar.

Survey reports are copyrighted by Watkins Research Group, Inc.