About Us

The Watkins Research Group specializes in business-to-business research in industries where the issues are more complex, and/or the audiences more sophisticated.

Our focus is on accurately identifying how every key competitor in an industry is perceived relative to every other competitor in that industry.  Because buyers make decisions based on the strengths/weaknesses of one company relative to another, our compilations of information obtained in surveys clearly and accurately measure how you are perceived relative to competitors.

Without knowledge of your company’s strengths and weaknesses relative to others, it is impossible to make meaningful marketing decisions.

The Watkins Report is the survey of decision-makers that accurately measures how you are perceived by clients and prospects…AND…accurately measures how your competitors are perceived by your clients and prospects.

Surveys of just a business’s clients and prospects lack the substance for robust strategies.   While your clients and prospects are typically happy to share what they like and dislike about your firm, these same clients and prospects strongly resist sharing what they like and dislike about the firms with which you compete.

Watkins Research Group solves this dilemma with unique methodologies developed over 15 years in the gathering, organizing and presentation of  survey results.